The Nanny Race & Chimney Sweep challenge are back for 2021. Due to social distancing requirements the races will be set up as time challenges and run over the course of the day. Line up and take a crack at beating the high score on the day.

Chimney Sweep Challenge

In this competition participants will be looking to sweep the competition out the way and clear out their chimney the fastest. One at a time, chimney sweeps will race to the chimney with bucket, balloon and sweep in hand. Using the sweep push the balloon up and out the chimney, before clicking your heels and making your way back to the start line.

Nanny Race

In this competition participants will be looking to be the fastest pram pusher on Cheery Tree Lane, no magical umbrella assistance allowed! One at a time, nannies will race to the finish line all while pushing their prams and putting baby to sleep, fastest nanny without baby falling out wins!

Dress Up Competition

Tell your own story at Mary Poppins Festival with a good old dress up competition. Come dress as your favorite character from history or literature to be in the running to win. Judged by the Proud Mary’s.

Grand Parade

If you would like to join us for the Grand Parade through Mary Poppins Festival this year please register here.